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HEALY brand dispensing system offers reliable, efficient and user-friendly vapour recovery equipment.




HEALY Nozzles

For use on new or existing vapor-ready dispensers, HEALY nozzles are used for Stage II vapour recovery applications.

First Feature

600 Series Bootless Nozzles

The HEALY™ brand 600 Series bootless vapor recovery nozzles feature a bootless design for Stage II Vapor Recovery applications.


  1. UL-listed and CARB approved

  2. Easy-to-use bootless design which captures the vapors through the nozzle spout rather than a boot.

  3. Includes easy-to-replace vapor escape guard to prevent splashback and significantly reduces spout wear.

  4. Internal vapor flow control allows for the following:-

    -  Matched to liquid flow by the nozzle         itself, rather than by complex electronic         controls or variable speed pumps in the         dispenser.

    -  Simplified  installation, reduce system         costs, and can significantly reduce         downtime, system diagnostics, and         maintenance costs.

Second Feature

800 Series Onboard Refueling Vapour Recovery Nozzles

HEALY 800 Series Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) nozzle converts any new or existing dispenser to a CARB certified system for ORVR compatibility.


  1. UL-listed and CARB approved.

  2. ORVR compatible for underground tank systems without the need for a back-end processor.

    Fills cars faster with high flow rates, while the vacuum-assisted design keeps customers and forecourts clean with its dripless and spitless technology.

  3. Easy-to-use, durable design that captures the vapours through a reduced size boot.

  4. Over horizontal shut-off and no-pressure, no-flow technologies for safety.

  5. Available for full-service applications with three position hold-open clip.

  6. Available as self-service without hold-open clip.

Third Feature

900 Series Enhanced Vapour Recovery Nozzles

HEALY 900 Series EVR (enhanced vapor recovery) nozzles are the most efficient and durable gasoline nozzles on the market today.



  1. UL-listed and CARB approved

  2. The boot interlock provides spitless refueling while also capturing vapours.

  3. Spout design provides dripless refueling.

  4. Features internal ORVR sensor.

  5. External parts are field-replaceable.

  6. The lightweight design makes this a very user-friendly Stage II Vapor Recovery nozzle.

  7. Comes with standard pressure sensing safety feature that terminates flow at the end of a prepaid sale even if the hook is still engaged.

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