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Franklin Fueling Management Systems – USA

   Automatic Tank Gauging System

INCON Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) system provides highly accurate inventory management and containment monitoring for any size fuel systems. ATG system offers automation of manufacturer approved products & remote connectivity protect your fuel system while keeping you directly connected to vital site data whenever, and wherever. 


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ATG Console 

UL-listed INCON ATG consoles have a highly-intuitive, full-colour, icon-based touch screen providing user-friendly on-site access to inventory, alarm, and compliance data.. When equipped with manufacturer approved products, the same console may be used for many systems such as electronic line leak detection, secondary containment monitoring, vapour recovery monitoring, corrosion control, and simple automation. This competitive advantage results in:


·        Relatively easy installation & coordination with other services at site

·        Collecting information from one console saves time

·        Reduces compatibility issues

·        Lower maintenance, & installation costs



·        High/low product, water, and temperature alarm set points

·        Inventory reconciliation / tank autocalibration

·        In Tank Leak Detection

·        Electronic Line Leak Detection

·        Secondary Containment Monitoring

·        Density, mass, and phase separation measurement

·        Email and SMS notifications

·        Back-up generator monitoring / fuel flow control

·        DEF/AdBlue recirculation system

·        MODBUS support


Product Range:  200EVO,  400EVO,  550EVO,  5000EVO

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Digital Probes

Digital inventory and leak detection probes provide accurate tank level monitoring and reporting with optional in-tank leak detection capabilities. These probes employ digital magnetostrictive position measurement technology for highly accurate tank readings.



·        Capable of precise leak detection, density measurement, and inventory monitoring.

·        Vibration motor inside probe head pulses every 5 minutes (frees the float from any static friction with probe shaft)

·        Highly accurate digital communication between the probe and the tank gauge.

·        Bottom mount installation for fast and simple installation.

·        Probes are available in many sizes that are suitable for all common tanks.

·        Suitable for use with gasoline, diesel, DEF/AdBlue, and other manufacturer approved products.


Product Range:  Leak Detection & Inventory Probe, Inventory Probe

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Flexible Probes

Suitable for aboveground storage tanks and spaces with low overhead clearance, flexible inventory probes (lengths ranging from 4 ft. to 68 ft) provide accurate fuel level readings for tall storage tanks. 



Our product range provides containment monitoring for dispenser sumps, STP sumps, tank interstitial spaces, and monitoring/observation wells.

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