Fuel Management Systems 
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A complete line of cutting edge tank gauge consoles and state-of-the-art leak detection make INCON Fuel Management Systems product line the industry’s premier brand for total system control. Compliance, inventory management, and leak detection monitoring are made easy for every user with the industry’s most intuitive tank gauge user interface.





Automatic Tank Gauging System

INCON Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) system provides highly accurate inventory management and containment monitoring for any size fuel systems. ATG system offers automation of manufacturer approved products & remote connectivity protect your fuel system while keeping you directly connected to vital site data whenever, and wherever. 

First Feature

Automatic Tank Gauges

UL-listed INCON ATG consoles have a highly-intuitive, 
full-colour, icon-based touch screen providing user-friendly on-site access to inventory, alarm, and  
compliance data.  

Second Feature


Digital inventory and leak detection probes provide accurate tank level monitoring and reporting with optional in-tank leak detection capabilities. 

Also available in our range are flexible probes providing accurate fuel level readings for tall storage tanks.  


Third Feature


INCON sensors provide containment monitoring for dispenser & STP sumps, monitoring/observation wells, and tank interstitial spaces.

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