Submersible Turbine Pumps
& Controllers 
Franklin Fueling Systems - USA

UL listed FE Petro brand submersible pumping systems set the standard for performance, efficiency and safety by which all other systems are measured. With a history of excellence, FE Petro maintains a unique set of system features that sets it apart as the industry’s fuel pumping leader.





FE PETRO controllers protect and control submersible turbine pumps.  Controllers diagnose abnormal controller & submersible turbine pump conditions and communicate the conditions through audible & visual alarms.



First Feature

Variable Frequency Controllers

FE Petro VFCs protect and control variable speed pumps. VFCs feature a dual seven segment display to show diagnostic faults.

VFCs may be connected to INCON ATG system for remote reporting of pump alarms and sharing other pump/ATG intelligence.

The VFCs, MagVFC & EcoVFC, detect and display following system conditions:     

 - Dry tank (initiates an immediate pump shut-down).
 - Continuous pump run.
 - Low incoming voltage.

 - Pump motor failure
 - Short Circuit detection
 - Controller faults
 - Open circuit detection

Third Feature

Smart Controllers

Smart Controllers protect and control, single and three phase fixed speed STPs, respectively.

Smart controllers diagnose abnormal conditions and communicate them through an audible alarm and LCD/LEDs on the front panel.

Available in our product range:

  -  STP-SCI & SPGC ( for single phase fixed STPs)
  -  STP-SCIIIC  ( for three phase fixed STPs)

Following conditions are displayed:

 - Dry Run Protection with automatic reset
 - Extended Pump Run detection
 - Low Voltage detection
 - Pump motor failure
 - Open circuit detection
 - Pump run


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