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MEP Services

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Low to high voltage building systems, normal and emergency power, we've got the right solution for you.


Our speciality solutions are carefully designed to take into account functionality and longevity.

Operations and Maintenance

Continuous technical operational maintenance services in line with today’s state of art technologies

Fire Protection

A team of experts, ready to engage in the early process to determine an accurate fire protection requirement.


Our HVAC solutions are designed to ensure optimal comfort, regardless of outdoor temperatures.

Fuel Station Automation

Constantly evaluating new technologies to quickly evaluate and decide to implement or skip tech improvements.

High Efficiency Powered by Experience

Our team provides deep and wide knowledge and experience in all aspects of planning, design and implementation of Electrical and Mechanical jobs in construction projects, Fire Protection and Alarm systems, Petrol Station automation, Wet-Stock Revenue Management and reconciliation automation. 

Innovative Idea to Practical Solution

Annually, Power company allocates a percentage of its budget for staff training and development. We are constantly evaluating new technologies and tools, making sure our team stays ahead of the latest trends. 


MEP Projects Portfolio

Sea City Marina - Sabah Al-Ahmad
La’ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Co

Design, supply, install, commission and maintenance of fuel, electrical and fire fighting external network at Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City at Khairan.

Mubarak Al-Kabir Education Building Ministry of Education

Design, supply, installation, commission and maintenance of plumbing and fire fighting work in a total of 14 floors.

New Petrol Filling Stations

Design, supply, install, commission and maintenance of fuel, A/C, plumbing, fire fighting and low voltage works for 9 new petrol filling stations in the North area of Kuwait.