EBW & APT PFS Hardware 

           Franklin Fueling Systems - USA

               This product line provides the comprehensive system of tank trim and hardware                 available.  Get each hardware system from a single manufacturer that is known                 through out the world for providing quality UL Listed / CARB products.





Product Shear Valve

Standard Ø1½” EBW product shear valve immediately stops product flow in the event of fire or collision at the dispenser. An adapter shears upon impact causes the poppet to seal on valve body, preventing fuel spillage. Single poppet models stop flow from the pump. Double poppet models stop flow from the pump and dispensing piping. 

This product is UL- listed.
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Vapour Shear Valve

UL Listed EBW Vapour Shear Valve is designed for use as an emergency breakaway on Stage II vapour recovery lines in fuel dispensers. Its double poppet design allows to seal vapours within both dispenser risers and vapour piping in event of dispenser displacement, providing maximum environment protection.