Electrical and Mechanical  Services



·        Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning of M.E.P. works and some other Mechanical specialty systems in construction projects for residential institutions , commercial buildings, industrial and logistics facilities:

           o  Plumbing Works

           o  Fire Fighting Systems 

           o  Electrical Works

           o  HVAC Works

           o  Fuel Storage and Dispensing Systems 

           o  LPG - Gas Storage and Distribution Systems

           o  Lube Oil Storage & Distribution Systems

           o  Carwash & Water Reclaim Systems

           o  Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP),and Sewage Treatment Plants  (STP)

           o  Irrigation Systems

           o  Compressed Air Systems 

·       Maintenance (Routine/ Preventive & On-Call services):

           o Fuel Storage & Dispensing Facilities

           o Fire Protection Systems