Submersible Turbine Pumps
& Controllers 
Franklin Fueling Systems - USA

UL listed FE Petro brand submersible pumping systems set the standard for performance, efficiency and safety by which all other systems are measured. With a history of excellence, FE Petro maintains a unique set of system features that sets it apart as the industry’s fuel pumping leader.





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Variable Speed Pumps

FE Petro 2 Hp and 4 Hp variable speed submersible pumping systems allow you to maximize profits while mitigating operating expenses by providing faster fill times during peak hours and power savings during non-peak hours.


·        Efficient energy consumption

·        Higher flow rates

·        Minimized hydraulic hammer

·        Variable telescopic length

Fixed Speed Pumps

Best-in-class flow rates and backed by a long history of dependability, FE Petro STPs do their job without fail, delivering fuel to customers day after day without a hitch.

Products Range:

·         ¾   HP STP (Single/Three Phase)

·         1½ HP STP (Single/ Three Phase)

·         1½ HP High Pressure STP (Single/ Three Phase)

·         2    HP STP (Single/Three Phase)

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