EBW & APT PFS Hardware 

           Franklin Fueling Systems - USA

               This product line provides the comprehensive system of tank trim and hardware                 available.  Get each hardware system from a single manufacturer that is known                 through out the world for providing quality UL Listed / CARB products.





Vent Cap

EBW Tank Vents are designed to provide an open path for vapours from an underground and aboveground storage tank to the atmosphere. Dome-shaped design drains off moisture including rain, snow and ice. 30 mesh prevents dirt and debris from entering vent lines.

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Pressure Vacuum Vent

UL Listed EBW Pressure Vacuum Vent are used on underground and aboveground storage tank vent pipes to discharge vapours upward into the atmosphere. Ø2” and Ø3” models have vent rates of 8000 cubic feet per hour, and vent at 13.8 inch WC of pressure and 0.8 WC of vacuum.